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Dorothy & Marc - California

If you have not been on a tour with Leod Escapes, you need to treat yourself soon!

Craig S - Italy

I researched high and low how to tour Italy and this hands down was the right choice.

Misti H - Germany

EPIC. That's how I describe the trip to my friends.

Rick B - Germany

I tell all my friends that I had the best time ever!

Tom M - Italy

My expectations were exceeded in every way.

Greg D - Italy

Tour groups are small, guides are locals and hotels and restaurants are hidden gems.

Michael JW - Australia

BOOK THIS TOUR! It’s worth every penny, & all your friends will be jealous.

Sam T - Germany

10/10 Tour.

No words can describe how great the Serpent to the Sea road is

Jason T - Germany

I'm not sure how many vacations can alter one's outlook of life, but this is one.

Paul J - Italy

Incredible “locals only” back roads, small Italian villages, unbelievable scenery, and the food.

Holger K - Australia

It was all good

Hugh & Joan - Australia

The hidden gems that only the locals would know...

Alex G - Germany

Thinking I want to go do that again.

Justin L - Italy

From start to finish the communication, planning and logistics were absolutely perfect!

Kurt & Ellen - California

Our club Westchester Beemers MC had an incredible time on this trip.

Brad & Monique - Italy

The list of enjoyable experiences goes on and on…..

Millie & Frank - California

Traveling 2 up became an experience that brought my wife and myself closer together.

Sydney H - Australia

Australian Curves to Phillip Island was the trip of a lifetime!

Misti H - Spain

Slightly star struck following Troy Corser around Aragon in SPAIN!

Andrew W - Germany

One could never know how amazing it is until they experience it.

Don't wait, do it now!!!

Chaitanya G - California

We have ridden on the best roads on American soil and look forward to more epic rides.

Andy P - California

I have NEVER had such a level of service and am eternally grateful

Peter D - California

I would recommend Leod Escapes to anyone looking for a guided or unguided adventure.

Tom C - Spain

The demon elves that live in Cat MacLeod’s brain where right.

It was everything I expected and then some

Larry M - California

We really got lucky finding your company.

Corey S - Italy

I have done nothing but rave about the trip to numerous people since we’ve returned.

Murray B - California

a high caliber turn-key motorcycle trip planned by two real professionals.

Tony C - Italy

The tour has been one of the greatest highlights of my life.

Gavin & Janet - Italy

The Italian Dream Tour was spectacular in every way.

Tom C - Italy

If Ernest Hemingway was alive today, he'd be All IN for the Italian Backroads Tour with Leod Escapes.

Brady R - Germany

everything you could want from a motorcycle trip

Anand - California

We had great time and enjoyed every minute

Jeff B - Germany

My Leod Escape was all I was looking for and more...No regrets/no disappointments.

Matt S - Italy

My time with Leod made me a better person...

Baris E - California

Cat, Nancy and Airon took care of us and gave us an adventure we are still raving about today.

Paige - Germany

I'm so glad that we decided to do it.

Brad K - Spain

This is the pinnacle. Sign up, you will not be sorry!

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