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Portugal & Portimao

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Ride the craziest track in a country many overlook. Portugal is Europes oldest country and two centuries ago is was a dominant world power. Today it’s content with just being one of the most free and democratic nations on earth. Remnants of its grand past make Portugal a scenic place to ride today. Curvy coastlines and rugged mountains are connected by roads spotted with towns with rich history.  You’ll see old castles, opulent palaces, grand cathedrals, preserved walled cities and the occasional monastery hidden away in the mountains. It’s perfect for touring with an emphasis on great coast lines but we’re here for more than just a sporty ride through the country. The most wild MotoGP circuit is found here and you get to ride it for three days. This is the rollercoaster of Portimao, officially known as Autodromo Internacional do Algarve. This is a riders tour with days off the beaten path to enjoy great roads and great scenery far from the tourist trail. Our local guides put some effort into making this route special for the Leod Escapes style rider. Come join us and ride the dream. 

Portugal & Portimao at a Glance

  • Tour Days
    > Day 1 - Arrival
    > Day 2 - Lisbon to Tomar
    > Day 3 - Tomar to Covilhâ
    > Day 4 - Covilhâ to Évora
    > Day 5 - Évora to Tavira
    > Day 6 - Tavira to Portimao
    > Day 7 - Portimao Day One
    > Day 8 - Portimao Day Two
    > Day 9 - Portimao Day Three
    > Day 10 - Portimao to Lisbon
    > Day 11 - Departure Day
  • Upcoming Tour Dates
    Date To Be Determined
    We still do not have hard dates for 2022, we are trying hard but so far there's nothing available
  • Scenery: Vast coastlines, wild rugged hills, ancient towns and villages.
  • Road Difficulty: Challenging mountain roads
  • Road Excitement: Route designed for experienced sport touring riders
  • Food: Cod Fish, Cured Meats, Fresh Bread, it's good food with Mediterranean and French influences
  • Hotels: 4 Star Hotels
  • Riding Days: 6 on street, 3 on track
  • Riding Hours Per Day: 5 to 7 a Day
  • Airport: Lisbon (LIS)
  • Quick Itinerary:

Portugal & Portimao - tour: T040 Ride the rollercoaster of Portimao and hit the best back roads of Portugal in this 11 day adventure made for track riders.

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