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Czech Out Brno

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Start and end in Munich, do a bit of the Austrian Alps then head into the Czech Republic. Ride Brno for three days with Troy Corser then head northwest to Prague. Spend a day in Prague and then ride the autobahn to Munich.  We will be visiting some castles during the day and most assuredly partying at night. This is meant to be a festive tour with a lot of laughs and bare minimum of structure to give the unexpected a chance to happen. This tour was run successfully in 2021 and we were surprised by the beauty of Bohemia's cities and country side. The Czech Republic requires adaptability though as things are not always dependable like in Germany or Austria. Makes for an adventure and a good excuse for another round of drinks.

Czech Out Brno at a Glance

  • Tour Days
    > Day 1 - Arrival Welcome to Munich
    > Day 2 - Ride Austrian Alps passes to Lienz Austria
    > Day 3 - Sella Round
    > Day 4 - Ride to from Alps through Austria into Bohemia to Ceske Budejovice
    > Day 5 - Through Bohemia into Moravia and to Brno
    > Day 6 - Track Day 1 on Brno
    > Day 7 - Track Day 2 on Brno
    > Day 8 - Track Day 3 on Brno
    > Day 9 - Brno to Prague
    > Day 10 - Free Day in Prague
    > Day 11 - Prague to Munich
    > Day 12 - Departure day
  • Upcoming Tour Dates
    Date To Be Determined
  • Scenery: We are off the tour bus route here and seeing life as it and was in the heart of Europe. Mountains, Castles and some villages that are a millennia old.
  • Road Difficulty: Some challenging mount pass roads and some rough pavement here and there in the Czech Republic
  • Road Excitement: The riders on this tour will be experienced so the pace will be brisk but not unsafe.
  • Food: Germans, Austrians, Czech, these people are the masters of meat and potatoes with fresh bread. Though Austria and Germany have more
  • Hotels: 3 & 4 Star Hotels
  • Riding Days: 5 Street 3 Track
  • Riding Hours Per Day: 5 to 7 a Day
  • Airport: Munich (MUC)
  • Quick Itinerary: Munich-Millstatt-Ceske Budjovice-Brno-Prague-Munich

Czech Out Brno - tour: T048 An adventure with celebration and authenticity in mind with 3 days on Brno.

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