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What Women Want to Pack

Published Feb 22nd 2016, 11:33am

50% of what I bring is electronic equipment, so I am used to packing VERY light.

Basic rule.  Put everything you WANT to take with you and put it on the couch/bed 1 week before leaving.  Each day weed out about 1/2.  

or you can do what I do:


In 1 Large suitcase pack your motorcycle riding gear:

Jacket & liner







use 2 Small duffle bags - 1 for non-riding days (cities & travel)  and 1 for motorcycle riding days.


City & travel duffel:

1 pair nice shoes

3 pairs pants 

4 underwear & bra & socks

4 shirts


Jacket for possible cold


Travel / Riding duffel

5 pair underwear

1-2 active bras

2 pair leggings for under the motorcycle gear

5 shirts  - Light & airy & 1 long sleeved for warmth

5 pair socks

1 pair bendable sneakers

1 windbreaker jacket that packs down, but gives warmth.


A small toiletries bag for toothbrush, paste, hairbrush, deodorant, minimal make-up and other small necessities.  Always have a small bottle of medications for anything you might need - Tylenol, Midol, Ibuprofen, Migraine medication, anti-diarhea, nausea or sleep aid medication. 

It’s never fun to have to search for a pharmacy if you are hurting.  This bag will get transferred to your travel duffel.


Another hint to make space, is to bring clothes on the motorcycle you don’t mind throwing away.

I always bring some shirts that have had their last, and I toss them after wearing them all day.  Makes your bag lighter and gives you more room to pick up some stuff for you and relatives or friends.  You can go home with a Bondi Beach shirt, a bag from Rome, a Barca Jersey from Barcelona, etc…


I expect the weather to be warm, but always plan on layers.  The mountains can get cold especially at night, and California coastal fog can be bitter cold in the mornings.


Bring your cell phone charger and get an international plan before you leave.  Usually you can get one for 21 or 30 days, and then it will automatically cancel.  Be sure it does.  If you bring a camera, bring an extra memory card, and spare battery & charger.

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