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Track & Tour Basics

Published Jan 5th 2020, 2:30pm

Welcome fellow Track Rider! Here's some basic info about our "Track & Tour" Escapes. Below are videos and quick answers to common questions.


So what's included in the tour?

  • 3 & 4 star hotels,
  • 1 to 3 days Track Bike Rental and Track Fees
  • Tour bike rental with public liability insurance
  • Luggage and support van when needed
  • Knowledgable Guides
  • Airport transfers
  • Breakfast everyday
  • Welcome and farewell dinner (All Dinners Included in Spain Tour)
  • 10 to 11 Days Escape with Track Riders like you.

What's not included?

  • Airfare (We have lots of Airfare Tips for you)
  • Lunches (Order what you want!)
  • Most Dinners (Order what you want!)
  • Fuel for your rental bike

What's the difference between the tours? The theme of all the tours is the same, track riders exploring the best back roads and doing some track time on a famous circuit, however the flavor of each country makes each tour very different.

  1. Italian Dream to Mugello Islands Edition (2020 June 2 to June 12) We ride in independent and sparsely trafficked worlds of Corsica and Sardinia and ride Ducatis for one day on Mugello. This is all about ocean vistas and island twisties and riding a Panigale on the circuit it was made for.
  2. California Curves to Laguna Seca (2020 June 22 to July 1) Still our favorite week of sport touring because of the wide variety of vistas with the non stop curves. Two days with California Superbike School is suitable for first time track riders to racers looking for a fresh edge.
  3. Italy Full Throttle on Mugello (2020 July 20 to July 30) It's a ride through a romance novel with amazing food. We ride off the beaten path in central Italy to really expose you to what Italy is all about. Three Days on Mugello with Troy Corser. An epic rhythmic high-speed circuit. Passengers we encourage you to use the track days to explore nearby Florence.
  4. Sachsenring & The Italian Alps (2021 Late August Early September) The calendar didn't line up to do this one this year but we will do it next year. Probably our most authentic tour in that we ride like locals, stay where locals stay and eat and drink like local riders. This tour is our top one for for amazing sport touring twists and views. Sachsenring is the most challenging MotoGP circuit we ride but the surface is flawless. Good tour if you like to drink a lot of really good beer.
  5. Spanish Pyrenees to Aragón (2020 October 15 to 25) Ride across a forgotten empire stay in castle or two and get training for 3 days on Aragón with Troy Corser. Pyrenees Mountains, special hotels and some great local guides make this tour a real winner.
  6. Australian Curves to Phillip Island (2020 October 26 to November 4) Australia surprises riders with twisty passes through rainforests and gum trees, coastal runs, lots of fun critters and amazing food. There's a reason Philip Island is ranked as the number one favorite by most MotoGP riders, it's is that much fun. 

How much does it cost? Prices range from $6900 to $10550 depending on tour, street bike chosen, track upgrades and if you are riding single in a shared room, own room or if you are bringing a passenger.

Hey that's a lot of money to some people, it's worth it? Don't listen us on this one, listen to what our clients say. Watch the video.

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