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Published Nov 24th 2015, 7:17pm

S1000RR - BMW shocked the sport bike world when it burst into the segment with this machine and it continues to fine track bike. While it can be ridden at ferocious speeds it’s personality is very BMW, neutral and balanced. The 1000cc engine has enough midrange that it can easily be ridden a gear too high so intermediate riders are shocked by it’s power. A friendly seating position makes this bike comfortable for a wide array of riders. The traction control and antilock braking are superb. In short it is the perfect track rental machine to experience a new course with well mannered exuberance.

We use this bike on the track for our California Curves to Laguna Seca tour with California Superbike School. We also use it for our Sachsenring & Italian Alps tour at the track and we also use a fleet of them for our Australian Curves to Philip Island tour.

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